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Brazilian Affordable Housing Project

Commercial Property in Northeast, Brazil









                   ''My House, My Life'' (Minha Casa, Minha Vida)

                                     (Government Incentive Scheme)


The Investment Opportunity:

  • Invest in a 2000 Affordable home project for Brazilian families
  • 5 to 6 Year investment plan - 138% min to 228% max total ROI
  • Initial Investment returned within 3 years (maximum)
  • Invest 12m BRL to 19m BRL (USD 6.5m to 10.4m) to return 26m BRL (14.2m USD) plus initial investment returned
  • Investor owns Shareholding in Project SPV
  • Project team have first project underway and have exceeded sales forcasts of end units (75% sold Phase 1 Land)
  • The Development will be Pre-qualified for 20 to 30 year Mortgages to Brazilian buyers (at Government subsidised Interest Rates)
  • Total development size approx 750,000 sqm
  • No Investor Management required, totally managed by Project team and regular reports provided


IMPORTANT: This opportunity is for 'Sophisticated Investors' Only.  We are looking for one investor only. 


NB.. for clarity, the pictures on the right are of ONE of the development teams projects, investment is NOT required for this site as it has all the required investors.  This offer is to start the next development.  Due to the demand in the market, the developers are looking at introducing around 3 to 4 more projects of this scale in the next 12 months.


Brazilian Affordable Housing project located in Brazil (Ref: PROJECT105)


BRAZILIAN AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  This project qualifies for the ''My House, My Life'' (Minha Casa, Minha Vida) government backed scheme.  For investors wishing to be involved in an Affordble Housing Project (without need for investor hands on management) in Brazil developing on average estates of 2000 c homes for Brazilians.  These houses are being built to supply the BOYANT Brazilian local internal market for families and are not targeted at the foreign market.  The project financial ROI is estimated to be 138% and 228%. R$ 26,000,000 (USD $14.2m*) plus initial investment. returned.  The initial investment will be returned in year 3


This project qualifies for the ''My House, My Life'' (Minha Casa, Minha Vida) government backed initiative.  The opportunity enables the investor to move quickly into the local Brazilian market as the team have spent many years designing the process and creating relationships with banks and trusted supply businesses.  The investor need not be concerned with issues such as:  Creating new processes,  establishing trusted contacts or designing company vehicle structures.  This is a 'turnkey' opportunity with established Exit Strategies.  Initially KPI's and targets can be agreed between The Project team and the investor, thereafter with regular updates / reports will be sent to the investor (frequency to be agreed) informing the investor of the developments progress.  As any investor will effectively be an 'arm chair investor' the business will require little involvement from you. Investors will however, need to satisfy a criteria that they are a 'Sophisticated Investor' and as such will be required to sign a self declaration to that effect.


The Development Team have a project currently underway (see opposite pictures labelled 'PROJECT 1')  No further investment is required for this project.  The project is well on track and exceeding targets set out by the 'Investment Company'.  The 'Project Team' wish to increase the amount of sites currently under construction and maximise the 'window of opportunity' for themselves and investors alike.  They have planned for a maximum of 3 to 4 projects to be under construction at any one time.  'PROJECT 1' is now underway and suitable sites have been identified for future projects. 


The initial investment requirement anticipated for this project is between 6.5m USD and 10.4m.  The reason for the difference depends on the area and the terms with the land seller agreed for the project.  For those clients wishing to invest at a lower entry level, a smaller 'Affordable Apartment' Project could be initiated for around 1.6m USD.


Below is an expected configuration of the next development ........



Phase 1, consists of:


- 313 plots for the building of luxury houses for the higher middle class price bracket.

- The average plot size will be 2000m on which the average sized house will be 420-450m 

- Average property price: R$ 400,000.


Phase 2,  consists of:


- 1096 affordable houses. The average plot size will be 250m on which houses will be an average of 85m.

- Average property price: R$ 110,000.


Phase 3, consists of:


- 420 affordable Apartments.

- Average property size 65m price: R$88,000.


A powerpoint presentation is available for those who are interested with high level costs of project.  Inspection visits are available to meet the developers in Brazil and see their current project(s)



Health Warning and other Important Information

1).  Investment views and opinions of Property Bond are based off our market knowledge and information readily available and in public domain and should NOT be deemed as advise.  Investors are advised to conduct their own independent research. 

2) Prices for property on our website (and in this offer) are sold in Brazilian Reals, any other quoted currency will be based off the exchange rate at time of sending to Brazil.  As with any foreign property purchase, when the funds / profits are repatriated (returned to clients own country), they again will be based of the current exchange rate at the time of transfer.

3) All of our prices shown (unless stated on the advert) include include agent commissions, CPF application, drawing of contracts. 
4)  Past performance is not an indiction of future performance. Whilst the outlook is very positive for Brazil and receiving much focus, all investors should conduct their own reserach.
5) Whilst most Brazilians do not use a lawyer to buy / sell a property, we advise that foreigners SHOULD use a lawyers service.  This not only protects our clients, but also our brand name.  We can help with referals of Lawyers if required.


* All properties are sold in Brazilian Reais (symbols R$ or BRL). Currency rates will depend upon your banks conversion rate at the time of transferring the monies. The current conversion rates used on this site are 1 = R$2.25, 1 = R$2.75, $1 = R$1.78. To check the latest rate 'spot rate' with Bank of Brazil click here.

Consider using a Money Transfer Agent to Transfer Money To Brazil, offering better Exchange Rates than High Street Banks.

Prices displayed do not include other associated purchase costs such as Government Purchase Tax, Legal Costs, Admin and Furniture (unless stated).