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Why Invest In Brazil

  • A favourable all year round climate (particularly in the northeast of Brazil) increasing rental opportunities and yields.
  • Excellent capital appreciation year on year.
  • Currency being maintained at a favourable range making it cheap for foreigners to invest / buy property, the currency over the last few years has been strengthening year on year.
  • Continued careful governance which has brought huge hope and improvement to Brazil, Inflation continues to be held low.
  • Foreign investment is encouraged, generally you own 100% of land and property Low cost of living when compared to the UK/Europe
  • Brazil is self sufficient in Oil and is finding more and more oil fields ready for exploration.
  • Beautiful Country with fantastic scenery and world class beaches
  • Considered one of the future economic leaders along with Russia, India and China (BRIC's).
  • Brazilian people are always friendly and cheerful and inviting. Smiles go a long way. Cities in Brazil are vibrant and exciting with carnivals and music
  • Brazil is considered a low risk in respect of War, Terrorism, SARS or Hurricanes